Patrick "Pat" Gordon was the brother of Tony Gordon. Making plans for his upcoming wedding to Carla Connor, Tony asked Carla's brother-in-law Liam to be his best man, as he and Pat had allegedly fallen out. However this was just a ruse in order that Tony could get Liam at the stag night and murder him in revenge for his affair with his intended bride - something he succeeded in doing.

Pat was first seen for his brother's wedding in December 2008, who was invited by Carla as a surprise for Tony. It turned out to be a shock for Tony as he had to keep Pat away from Maria, Liam's suspecting widow, because he had told her they had fallen out too. The relationship between both Tony and Pat wasn't a close one, but even Pat was surprised when residents including Jed Stone, Kevin Webster and Emily Bishop made it clear that they were not very fond of his brother. Pat left Weatherfield shortly after the wedding.

A disgusted Pat severed contact with Tony during the following year when he was formally charged for Liam's murder, although he did occasionally keep in touch with Maria.

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