Patricia 8796
Residence Station Road
First appearance 17th December 2015
Last appearance 18th December 2015
Number of appearances 2
Played by Melissa Jane Sinden

Patricia was a neighbour of Dee Grayson's on Station Road in Weatherfield who had been badly affected near the start of 2014 by a burglary in her house. Patricia had caught a glimpse of the man as he had run away from the residence and in the intervening period had tried to bolster her friend's self-confidence as she had been devastated by the intrusion.

Two years later, Dee was gratified to receive help and assistance from taxi driver Michael Rodwell who she met after leaving her shopping in one of Street Cars's cabs. He began a series of odd jobs round the house for her and proved to be such a help that she nominated him for the Weatherfield Good Samaritan Award. Michael's girlfriend, Eileen Grimshaw, had been less than pleased at the attentions he lavished on Dee until she heard about the award at which point she did an about-turn and basked in the limelight. She even got the Weatherfield Gazette to do a write-up on Michael, much to his annoyance, and provided a picture for the article. Michael was wholly reluctant about the award which puzzled Eileen but all became clear when Patricia saw the newspaper article and realised that it was the same man she had seen running from the house.

Dee and Patricia went to the awards ceremony which was being held in Nick's Bistro where Patricia told her friend that she had no doubts about her identification. Michael admitted the offence, shocking and embarrassing Eileen. Gail Rodwell, Michael's separated wife, came to his defence, joining Michael in begging Dee not to report the matter to the police as he couldn't stand another term in jail. Much to Patricia's disgust, Dee agreed, on the condition that Michael never again made any contact with her.

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