Patrick Ridley was a Newton & Ridley executive who was Annie Walker's contact at the brewery when she decided to step down as landlady of the Rovers and retire in 1973.

Knowing Annie chiefly from a fondly-remembered bar opening in Majorca in 1969, Patrick had a great respect for her and spoke to her warmly when she visited his office to inform him of her decision. After reminiscing about Majorca, Patrick tried his best to talk Annie out of it, telling her frankly that he didn't think she was yet at the stage of retiring from her working life and advising her not to rush into a decision. Annie took his advice, but as she prepared to pay a second visit to the brewery a few days later, she believed even more strongly that it was time to step down. Just before she left for the brewery, her regulars intercepted her and handed her a petition containing 46 names, telling the brewery that she was their preferred landlord. This shocked Annie, as she had expected her customers to welcome a change of management, and she decided to remain after all.

Patrick indicates that he was with Annie in Majorca in 1969, however he wasn't referred to in the episodes surrounding her trip.