Patrick Woodson
Patrick Woodson
First appearance 4th January 2013
Last appearance 7th January 2013
Number of appearances 2
Played by Simon Rouse

Patrick Woodson was an old friend of Lewis Archer who turned up in Weatherfield one day in January 2013. The purpose of the visit was to invite Lewis to run a five-star restaurant he was building in Tuscany on the basis that he knew of fine foods and wines and would bring a touch of class to the establishment. Lewis considered the offer very tempting but turned it down, much to an ear-wigging Gail McIntyre’s amazement. Lewis later confessed to her that he had developed feelings for her and that was the reason for his refual.

A few days later, at the end of the shift at Roy's Rolls, Woodson met Lewis and received a small number of notes as payment for his “performance”. The offer of the job in Italy was a fake, devised by Lewis to inveigle his way into Gail’s affections. Woodson was familiar with Lewis’s conning past and didn’t think that Gail was the usual sort of victim he went for. Lewis told him it was for revenge: Gail, by exposing him to previous potential victim Audrey Roberts, had ruined his life and he was going to do the same to her…

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