Paul 3179
Occupation Mechanic
First appearance 25th January 1991
Number of appearances 1
Played by Gavin Stanley

Paul was a young mechanic who was taken on at Casey's Garage after Mark Casey sacked his old boss Kevin Webster in 1991.

Since his daughter Rosie was born the previous Christmas Eve, Kevin had been doing foreigners behind Mark's back and been just been landed with a bill for £1,250 after crashing customer Terry Seymour's car - an accident for which Mark refused to claim on the garage's insurance as a favour to his friend. Sick of Kevin and Sally putting pressure on him, Mark sacked him. Kevin didn't plead for his job but Martin Platt visited the garage the day after to appeal on Kevin's behalf. He was shocked to see Paul working there as it had barely been 12 hours since Mark had fired Kevin. Upon hearing about this latest development, Kevin assumed that Mark had been planning to sack him for a while.

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