Paul Atkinson
Paul Atkinson
Occupation Builder
First appearance 10th November 2003
Last appearance 1st December 2003
Number of appearances 3
Played by Ian McHale

Paul Atkinson was working for builder Charlie Stubbs when he set up shop in the Builder's Yard in Victoria Street in November 2003. They first made their presence known in the Street when they managed to get their builder's truck as far as Coronation Street Garage before it broke down and required Kevin Webster’s attention. Unfortunately, their choice of parking space enraged Mike Baldwin as it blocked the entrance to Underworld and he demanded they move it. Charlie was made of cooler stuff though and he and Paul quietly finished their breakfast in Roy’s Rolls while Mike ranted on at them.

When the yard was being set up a couple of days later, Jason Grimshaw asked for a job but Paul wasn't very pleased that the youngster was trying to invade his pitch. Several weeks later though, after half-completing an emergency job on a water leak in the Rovers' ladies toilets, Charlie sacked Paul for incompetence and took Jason on.

List of appearancesEdit


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