The Harris family moved to Weatherfield from Sheffield under a protection programme in November 2002, adopting the name of "Nelson" after mother Angela was the innocent witness to a murder. Supposed to cut off all ties and links with their previous life, rebellious daughter Katy found this especially difficult and after a few months made contact with Louise Crawley, her best friend from Sheffield. Having deceived her parents as to where she was going, Katy met her for a meal in Manchester where they swapped stories of their lives and Louise invited Katy to join her and mutual friend Paul Evanson in a week's time for an indie gig. Katy agreed and kept the appointment, once again spinning Angela and Tommy a yarn about where she was going. Although she enjoyed the night out, Katy was unaware that Andy Morgan, brother of the man whose evidence Angela had helped to convict, had followed Louise and Paul to Manchester and, in turn, he then followed Katy home to Coronation Street. He rang his third brother Nick to say that he'd traced the family to where they were living and the two men made plans to exact their revenge on the Harrises.