Stage and screen actor Paul Green has appeared on Coronation Street playing two roles: the Prosecution solicitor in the court case involving Sunita Alahan's charges of assisting unlawful immigration and bigamy in October 2004; and returned to the programme as Mr Collins in May 2006.

He has also been credited for TV roles in Brookside, Merseybeat, To Be Immortal,Sherlock Holmes,Crimewatch, Crown Court, Harry O, and Scully, whilst on stage he has performed in many productions including The Merchant of Venice, Waiting for Godot, Equus, Death and the Maiden, Richard III on Trial, The Price, and  most recently Duet For One. He has been a regular voice on BBC Radio 4, working on many productions for Pennine Productions and Square Dog Productions; including the series Britain On The Bottle, which won the documentary prize in The World's Best Radio Program Awards 2011, in New York. He has also featured in BBC Radio 4's The Long View with Jonathan Freedland.

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