Paul meggitt
Paul Meggitt
Occupation Warehouse worker
First appearance 14th October 1974
Last appearance 30th October 1974
Number of appearances 6
Played by Neil Daglish

Paul Meggitt was a young rogue who was employed at the Mark Brittain Warehouse in 1974.

Paul had been in bother with the police a few times as a juvenile, but had served his time and been trouble-free since then. Some still considered him a bad 'un; warehouse storeman Fred Bolton didn't trust him and disliked the fact that he was friendly with Fred's son Tony, fearing that he would lead him astray.

When Tony found out that a load of stock would be left in the stores overnight, Paul persuaded him to borrow his dad's storeroom key and make a copy. The pair made off with three dozen suede and leather jackets, which were placed in a van where Paul's contact was meant to pick them up. When the contact couldn't keep the appointment, Paul put the van in for servicing at Billy Walker's Canal Garage, telling Tony it would be safe there.

Being the efficient storeman that he was, Fred noticed the missing stock immediately but, suspecting Paul of the theft and knowing that he was friends with Tony, told his son what had happened and that Paul had until morning to return the stolen jackets before he went to the police. Fred also tackled Paul, who tacitly admitted his guilt and alluded to Tony's involvement. Assured by Tony that Fred wouldn't cover for them in exchange for being cut in on the deal, Paul agreed to return the jackets. A spanner in the works then presented itself when Billy discovered them and found Fred while looking for Tony and Paul. Billy refused to have the jackets on his premises but agreed not to call the police when Fred promised him that the lads would retrieve the jackets that night. Tony and Paul were told of the situation, but handed an ideal scapegoat, Paul shopped Billy and told the police that the van had been empty when he left it at the garage.

While Billy was interviewed by the police, Fred corroborated Tony and Paul's story, although warehouse executive Ken Barlow changed his mind, convincing him that in the long run Tony would be better off facing the consequences of his actions. Fred changed his statement and Billy was released immediately, while Paul and Tony were charged with theft and fired from the warehouse.

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