Paul Williamson (born 1939) appeared in Coronation Street in October 1971 as Labour Exchange clerk Mr. Stewart.

This is one acting engagement in a long list of credits which goes back to the 1950s with appearances in television series such as The Adventures of Sir Lancelot, Armchair Theatre, ITV Play of the Week, The Man in Room 17, No Hiding Place, City ’68, Mr Rose, Callan, Whodunnit?, Special Branch, Father Brown, Public Eye, Z Cars, Telford’s Change, Bergerac, Shelley, Crown Court, The Jewel in the Crown, Edge of Darkness, Play for Today, The Bill, The Darling Buds of May, Keeping Up Appearances and My Family.

He was a well-known face to British viewers for his role as the butler in the long running Ferrero Rocher adverts set at an Ambassador’s ball.

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