Actor Paul Young (born 3rd July 1944 in Edinburgh), appeared on Coronation Street in November 1999 as instructor Jock MacCall, who led Freshco's outward-bound team building exercise at Benbury Lodge.

With a career which began in the mid-1950s, his extensive list of onscreen credits include roles in Geordie, St. Ives, The Revenue Men, Dr. Finlay's Casebook, The Borderers, Madame Sin, Sunday Serenade, Division 4, Matlock Police, Sutherland's Law, Play for Today, The Omega Factor, Doom Castle, ITV Playhouse, Prisoner:Cell Block H, Neighbours, Dramarama, The Flying Doctors, High Road, The Bill, Taggart, Randall & Hopirk (Deceased) and Still Game.

He was also the first voice to be heard on pirate station Radio Scotland when the transmitter was turned on at 11.50pm on 31st December 1965.

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