Paula Carp
Paula Carp
Born 1962
Children Julie Carp (1977)
First appearance 27th February 2009
Last appearance 22nd May 2009
Number of appearances 16
Played by Sharon Duce

Paula Carp is the mother of Julie Carp, whose birth was the result of a fling between Paula and Colin Grimshaw. Paula was born in 1962.

In 1976, Colin Grimshaw caught the eye of Paula, who was his daughter Eileen's best friend at the time. Paula was only 14 years old at the time but still seduced him and they slept together. When Colin's wife discovered this, she left him although they agreed to protect Eileen by keeping the truth from her. Meanwhile, Paula moved away and Colin was unaware that they had conceived a daughter, Julie, who was born the following year.

Paula arrived on Coronation Street on 27th February, 2009, meeting up with her daughter and old friend Eileen for the first time in years. Eileen was surprised when Paula revealed that she gave birth to Julie when she was 14. Paula and Eileen met several times at Eileen's house but Paula left quickly on one occasion when Colin, Eileen's father, entered as she felt awkward around him due to their fling.

On 27th April, 2009, at Colin's 70th birthday party in the Rovers, Paula arrived, looking for Julie, thinking that Julie and Jason Grimshaw had slept together. Julie and Paula argued over why they couldn't be together with Paula revealing that they were related and announced to a shocked Eileen and the rest of the pub that Colin was Julie's father. At first Eileen blamed Paula for wrecking her parents' marriage but then began to realise that Paula had been the victim. Subsequently, a few days later, the two made their peace.

After Colin came out of hospital following a stroke, Paula went to the police. When they came to the house to question Colin he died suddenly of a heart attack and Julie made it clear that she felt Paula was to blame and told her to go and never come back.

In May 2013, Paula had broken her hip while ice skating, and Julie went to take care of her. Julie returned to the street in August, after her mother recovered.

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