Pauline Jarvis
Spouse(s) Harry Jarvis
First appearance 8th December 1975
Last appearance 15th December 1975
Number of appearances 2
Played by Lori Wells

Pauline Jarvis was a customer of Ray Langton's building firm who he gave help to in deciding what tiles to use in her bathroom and then carried out the decorating of the same room as a foreigner when her husband, Harry, refused to have anything to do with it. The two were spotted together by Tricia Hopkins and later on by Alf Roberts. While Alf had a quiet word with Len Fairclough, Tricia spread malicious gossip that reached the ears of his mother-in-law Blanche Hunt who, surprisingly for her, managed to keep her peace for a short while before informing Deirdre. She started to give Ray the silent treatment which he put up with before asking Blanche and Deirdre to join him at the Rovers where he introduced them to Pauline. Her gushing, fulsome praise of Ray's work, and her comments to Deirdre about how lucky she was in her choice of husband, convinced the two women that several conclusions had been jumped to by almost all concerned and that Ray was totally innocent. An angry Deirdre retaliated by giving Tricia a black eye.

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