Peggy Prentice was a clerk at the Labour Exchange who dealt patiently with Lucille Hewitt in October 1971. She had blonde, greying hair and wore distinctive cats-eye glasses with gold temples.

Lucille was in a grumpy mood when she saw Peggy, appearing at the non-smoking cubicle with a cigarette in hand and showing no enthusiasm for finding a job. Peggy took flak from Lucille for sending her for an interview at a travel agency in town only for the position to be filled by the time she got there. Peggy advised Lucille to make it easier on herself by adopting a different attitude, wondering if the interviewer was being choosy and lying to her about the position being filled.

Two days later, Peggy found Lucille a job as an invoice clerk at a button factory. Lucille got the job but instead of thanking Peggy she complained about pay and the lack of young men at the factory. Peggy didn't comment, appearing relieved that Lucille was no longer her problem.

Credited as Miss Prentice, the character was given a first name in dialogue.