Penny Thornley
Penny Thornley
First appearance 15th October 2012
Last appearance 19th October 2012
Number of appearances 4
Played by Susan Hanson

Penny Thornley was an old flame of Lewis Archer, who was under the alias of "Hugh". They got engaged, but he disappeared with £10,000 of her money while they were away in France.

Five years later, their paths crossed again on a train in Lille, where Lewis had taken Audrey Roberts away for a holiday. When Lewis saw Penny again he ran, and due to the crowds at the train station she didn't manage to follow him. When Penny returned home that evening, she saw Lewis' picture in the Gazette, as Audrey had reported Lewis missing. Penny decided to pay Audrey a visit to tell her what had happened and to warn her about Lewis, but Audrey explained that Lewis had changed, much to Penny's disbelief.

When Lewis returned to Audrey, he asked her to run away with him to get away from Penny. Audrey agreed, but alerted Penny to Lewis being at her house. When Penny arrived, she suggested to Audrey that they should report Lewis to the police, but instead Audrey wrote her a cheque for the £10,000 that Lewis had conned from her. Penny left, but not before warning Audrey a second time about Lewis' nature.

List of appearancesEdit


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