Percy Street

Mrs. Webb's house at 46 Percy Street in 1962.

Percy Street was a thoroughfare in Weatherfield on the other side of Rosamund Street where the resolution to the case of the kidnapping of baby Christopher Hewitt took place in October 1962. The child had been taken by Joan Akers, a young woman whose husband Brian had left her and whose own baby had died at three weeks old. Joan rented a room at No.46 from Mrs. Webb and, feeling guilty at what she had done, invited Elsie Tanner round who instantly recognised the baby and persuaded Joan to hand him back.

Moments after they had left, Det Sergeant Sowman and the police arrived at the house, having been tipped off by the staff at Gamma Garments that the child might be found at the address.

At the time, an aunt of Sheila Birtles was a resident of Percy Street.

Fourteen years later, Hilda Ogden won a trolley dash at a delicatessen further down the street owned by Mike Nikopolos. She and Deirdre Langton took part in the event and collected £107.32 worth of goods though she swapped them for two jars of caviare and £75 cash which she needed to obtain a new television.