Pest Control Officer (Episode 6592)
Pest Control Officer
First appearance 6th July 2007
Number of appearances 1
Played by Neil Alan Taylor

The unnamed Pest Control Officer who worked for Bug-B-Gone Professional Pest Control was called out to Jerry's Takeaway on Victoria Street in July 2007. The officer was initially under the impression that Jodie Morton - who was running the business that day - had phoned for the call-out, but when Cilla Battersby-Brown took more than a passing interest in the matter and announced to the customers that there could be rats or cockroaches on the premises, the takeaway quickly emptied and it was soon established that Cilla herself had called pest control in an attempt to sabotage the competition and drum up more trade for Wong's Chippy, the struggling fast-food outlet where Cilla and her friend Yana Lumb were employed. Jodie was furious and the Pest Control Officer was less than impressed that he'd been called out to a job under false pretences.

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