Peter Bromley
Occupation General Office Manager
First appearance 21st June 1971
Last appearance 30th June 1971
Number of appearances 3
Played by Jonathan Adams

Peter Bromley was the general office manager of the Weatherfield branch of the Mark Brittain Warehouse. He was newly arrived in June 1971. He went into the Rovers Return Inn with colleague Dennis Maxwell soon after his arrival and agreed with his comment that it was "a bit bucolic". The reason to make the visit was to find the name of a reputable garage where he could get his car repaired. Ken recommended the Canal Garage. A week later he broke the news to personnel manager Dennis that Peter Berlin, the son of the owner, was coming to visit. Berlin asked to meet all managers and supervisors and a drinks session was held in the management dining room where Bromley introduced Elsie Howard and her colleague Marion Mason to Berlin.

List of appearancesEdit


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