Peter Garrard
Peter Garrard
First appearance 17th March 2008
Last appearance 21st March 2008
Number of appearances 2
Played by Guy Porritt

When Leanne Battersby decided it was time to sell her failing restaurant, Valandro's, prospective buyer Peter Garrard arranged to come and see the property. Leanne showed him round, introduced him to chef Paul Clayton and offered him a complimentary meal while he checked over the accounts. Garrard commented that the turnover wasn't as good as he'd expected, although there was scope for improvement. Garrard's final offer for the business was £65,000 to which Leanne agreed - although she was disappointed with an offer less than £80,000.

However, a few days later having gone through the accounts in more detail, Garrard called into the restaurant again and told Leanne he was reducing his price to £40,000. A furious Leanne told him that he could stick his offer.

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