Peter Hill was born on 9th March 1932 in London and died on 29th December 1995.

He first started acting on television in the 1960s and one of his first credited roles was as Doctor Harris in a November 1968 episode of Coronation Street. He returned to the series in November 1976 as Sergeant Cottam who investigated the disappearance of Stan Ogden when he went missing (having walked out on Hilda when he was sick of her nagging).

In the same year he became a regular in the period serial The Cedar Tree. In late-1979 he was cast as Arthur Brownlow in the ITV soap opera Crossroads (a role briefly played by Brian Haines in 1976) and it is for the role of Arthur that Peter Hill is best remembered today, even though he only played the character until 1982.

He also appeared in many other television series including Doctor Who, Target and The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin.

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