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Peter Slater appeared on Coronation Street in four roles:

Graduating from Salford Univerity in 1998, he is mainly associated with comedy and has been a finalist in several stand-up competitions, including "Take the Mike". Appearing in three series' of Ideal alongside Johnny Vegas, he also wrote sketches for Channel 4 Comedy Lab "Slaterwood" (nominated best comedy programme - RTS awards).

Other credits include roles in The Sunday Show, Always and Everyone, That Peter Kay Thing, Children's Ward, Mersey Beat, Phoenix Nights, New Street Law, Saxondale, Lunch Monkeys, In with the Flynns, All at Sea, Mount Pleasant, Our Zoo, Doctors and the short films Chicken Karma, Roddy Smythe Investigates, Buzz Dish, Drifter and Going to Mecca.

On stage he has appeared in productions of Fire Salad, Doorway, Bastard Funny and Mr. Courtney's Brood.

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