Phil 2016
Children Lauren
Another child
First appearance 30th September 2016
Last appearance 3rd October 2016
Number of appearances 3
Played by James Doherty

Phil was the father of school bully Lauren who terrorised Bethany Platt for several months with her gang. In September 2016, Lauren was expelled from Weatherfield High after several other students spoke out.

After months of bullying Bethany informed headteacher, Mr. Griffin, about Lauren and her actions and a meeting was staged between the two girls. The meeting soon ended in disaster with Lauren's Mum and Sarah Platt yelling at each other which resulted in both girls being suspended. Because of Bethany's bravery, more people reported her for bullying and Lauren was ultimately expelled. In an attempt to seek justice, Phil confronted Mr. Griffin in the hope that Bethany would receive the same punishment as his daughter and tried to maintain that Lauren was still the victim, recounting incidents when Nick Tilsley and David Platt threatened her, but Mr. Griffin stayed firm and threatened to call the police if father and daughter did not leave the premises.

A few days later, Phil stalked David in his car and followed him to The Dog & Gun where David was planning to take revenge on Macca, the half-brother of Clayton Hibbs, who murdered his wife Kylie. Before David could enter the pub however, Phil grabbed him and violently beat him up as revenge for threatening Lauren.

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