Phil was one of the hosts of Tatlock Towers’ medieval themed weekend in November 2010. Dressed throughout in a jester’s costume, he was nervous with a high-pitched voice and so acne-ridden that he looked positively scrofultic, prompting Norris Cole to remark that he certainly had the skin condition of a medieval peasant.

Phil was well-meaning and eager to please but easily flustered, especially under the lashing tongue of his boss Reg Holdsworth. He came into his own though when he conducted the guests on a tour of the castle, paying particular attention to the East tower, the highest structure of the estate and known as Gwennie’s drop, named after Lady Guinevere, who fell to her death from the top of the tower in 1320 after the Prince of Denmark broke off with her. The ghost supposedly haunted the castle to this day. Norris scoffed at the tale but it was enough to unnerve fellow guest Mrs Wiggins who that night saw Mary Taylor wandering the corridors in her nightgown and screamed in horror, thinking she was seeing the spirit.