Phil Braithwaite
Phil Braithwaite
Occupation Town Hall clerk
First appearance 1st March 1961
Last appearance 30th October 1961
Number of appearances 4
Played by Brian Dean

Phil Braithwaite was a Town Hall clerk who had worked there since 1956. Along with his colleague Norman Dobson, he incurred the wrath of Ena Sharples when she came to complain about her gas pressure in March 1961. She rang rings round the pair when they tried to fob her off to another department saying she had been coming to the building since the week it was built in 1925 and knew their processes better than they did. For good measure, she told them where to find the complaint forms in their own filing cabinets, something which came as a total surprise to them as they hadn't even known of their existence.

He and Norman subsequently arrived in Coronation Street looking for somewhere to lodge in October of the same year, and moved into the shop flat, owned by Florrie Lindley. Phil was less than happy to find out he was now living in the same street as Ena.

By January 1962, Phil and Norman had vacated the flat.

The character was not credited with a surname in his first episode. Phil was introduced as a potential regular character two weeks before the Equity actors' strike began. The strike prevented actor Brian Dean from appearing in the series from Episode 94 onwards. In Episode 115, Phil and Norman were said to have left the flat, though their exact date of departure is not known.

List of appearancesEdit


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