Phil Woods wrote 126 episodes of Coronation Street between April 1990 and October 2000. He also contributed to the 2003 mini-series The Forsyte Saga: To Let. His range of credits for the theatre is extensive including Lenya, Canterbury Tales, In Place of Strife, Show Me The Way To Go Home, Johnny Boxer, Sherlock Holmes and the Royal Regalia, Out for Nine, Buddy Holly at the Regal, Supergran, Northern Glory, Pitmatic Times, Angelo and Last of the Mohicans.

Episodes written by Phil WoodsEdit


1990 (10 episodes)

1991 (10 episodes)

1992 (12 episodes)

1993 (7 episodes)

1994 (11 episodes)

1995 (8 episodes)

1996 (11 episodes)

1997 (14 episodes)

1998 (17 episodes)

1999 (13 episodes)


2000 (13 episodes)

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