Philip lightfoot
Philip Lightfoot
Occupation Quizmaster
First appearance 5th May 1976
Number of appearances 1
Played by Geoffrey Bateman

Philip Lightfoot was the quizmaster appointed by Newton & Ridley to host one of the semi-finals of the Superbrain pub quiz contest in the Rovers Return Inn. Good looking and well spoken, Bet Lynch made beeline for him as soon as he entered the premises and, as a contestant that night, entered into an innuendo-ridden conversation with him in which she told him she was interested in cheating. He replied with a smile that he was incorruptible and she told him with a look that he didn't look it.

After the contest, in which Bet failed to qualify for the final answering questions on films, being beaten by Herbert Siddall whose specialty subject was Manchester United, Annie Walker invited Philip into the back for a glass of sherry. Before going with her, Philip quietly asked Bet if she could finish early and he could then take her home. She said she was sure she had a splitting headache coming on and told Philip she viewed him as a good present for her birthday which was the very day.

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