Phillip Mulhern appeared on Coronation Street in July 2015 as Micky, a drug dealing friend of Callum Logan.

Having previously served seventeen years in the army, he attained the rank of sergeant and was Special Forces trained. However, he has been in attendance at the Manchester School of Acting since 2010.

His other credits include a role in Shameless and Prisoners Wives, the short films Clench, Hotpots II: Second Helpings, You Shouldn't Have Said That, Acceptance, When Times Are Hard, Ouija: Seven Sinners, Dirty Work, You're a Dead Ringer, The Collection, Kill Miss.Manchester, Petal, 6:50, You're a Dead Ringer Too, A Little Surprise and the feature films Lost Christmas, A Mancunian Story, Lost Generation, Crimson the Sleeping Owl and Portal.

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