Photographer 1219
First appearance 20th September 1972
Number of appearances 1
Played by Paul Copley

The unnamed newspaper Photographer came to Coronation Street in September 1972 on a tip-off from Ray Langton that there was a story in the disputed ownership of Dolores the rag-and-bone man's donkey. Tommy Deakin and Dirty Dick were the claimants and Ray suggested that they settle the matter by letting the donkey decide - the one it went to of its own accord would be the winner. He then told the press in the hope of a small payment from them. The photographer took pictures of the claimants, the donkey and the residents of the area before the contest and then Ray checked that they had his name and address in order that the cheque could be sent to him. The photographer told him he didn't deal with that side of the business but took a note from Ray with his address on to pass on to the appropriate person.

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