Photographer 324
First appearance 20th January 1964
Number of appearances 1
Played by Glenn Melvyn

The unnamed Photographer took a portfolio of shots of Walter Potts, aka pop singer "Brett Falcon", in his room at 11 Coronation Street in January 1964 as he was on the verge of stardom. He didn't find Walter the easiest of subjects as he was feeling the pressure of the hoards of chanting and screaming schoolgirl fans gathered outside the house.

Walter thought the job of photographer was interesting and the gentle man reminisced about the time he took a photo of the Mayor and corporation of Bootle in Liverpool in a sepia shot in a large old frame. He wanted two final shots: one of Walter swinging from a street lamppost and a shot of him with Lucille Hewitt, the president of Brett's fan club. However as the photographic equipment wasn't insured and the girls were still outside in large numbers, the idea of the lamppost shot was dropped. Making their way to 7 Coronation Street by way of the ginnel, they barged in as Harry Hewitt was in a full rage against his daughter as he had found out she had had a tattoo of Brett's name inked onto her arm. As an aghast Concepta Hewitt looked on as Harry took the photographer by the lapels and shouting dire threats of violence, threw him out of his house.

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