Photographer (Episode 7232)
Occupation Photographer
First appearance 18th December 2009
Number of appearances 1
Played by Tim Beasley

The Photographer worked for Win Win Magazine and came to Weatherfield in December 2009 to take pictures of Norris Cole and Freda Burgess after they had won first prize by devising a slogan for a new, cutting-edge toilet cleaner.

The pair proudly held up their publicity cheque for £1,000 as they were photographed standing outside The Kabin, but Norris was a tad disappointed when the photographer couldn't actually tell him when the pictures would be published; giving him an estimation of a couple of weeks. Upon completion of the portfolio on the bitterly cold day, Norris instructed Freda to show the gentleman inside The Kabin in order for him to use the "little boys' room".

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