Phyllis Lomax
Phyllis Lomax
First appearance 8th February 1982
Number of appearances 1
Played by Sue Race

Phyllis Lomax was a young woman who Fred Gee met at a banquet laid on by Newton & Ridley in January 1982. Fred was invited at the last minute when a place became free and proceeded to get paralytic. As well as dancing drunkenly with Sarah Ridley and ordering both a space invaders machine for the Rovers and a new car from fellow diners, he met Phyllis and boasted about his "restaurant" and, in his position as "landlord", offered her a job there.

A day or so later, Phyllis turned up to accept the position, much to the amusement of Betty Turpin and Bet Lynch. Fred told her she must have misheard. Phyllis had to leave as she was helping out at a 21st birthday party but Bet, to Fred's discomfort, told her to call back again any time she felt like it.

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