Pizza Delivery Guy (Episode 8452)
Pizza Delivery Guy
Occupation Pizza Distributor
First appearance 20th August 2014
Number of appearances 1
Played by Samuel Thompson

The unnamed Pizza Delivery Guy delivered a large amount of pizzas to the Street Cars cab office in August 2014.

Steve McDonald and Lloyd Mullaney, who were on the switch at the time, were puzzled at this due to the fact that they never ordered any pizzas, however they were informed that the order - consisting of two pepperoni, two meat feast, one American hot and one ham and pineapple with extra olives - was ordered using the company's phone number and they were issued with a bill for £39.94.

After being told that they would be blacklisted if they didn't pay up, Steve persuaded Lloyd to cover the bill. The pair quickly discovered that Neil Beckett was behind all the unwanted pizzas.

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