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Plumber 3178
Occupation Plumber
First appearance 23rd January 1991
Number of appearances 1
Played by Harry Goodier

The Plumber was called out to 15a Coronation Street by Alf Roberts to check the flat's water heater in 1991. Alf's tenant Ken Barlow had complained that the heater was on the blink but Alf had fobbed him off, only ringing the plumber at Audrey's insistence. After looking at the heater, the plumber told Alf that it was repairable but needed replacement parts which would be impossible to find due to its age. The plumber offered Alf a new heater for £299.90, which he claimed was a special offer. Baulking at the price, Alf decided to leave the flat with the busted heater and the battle between him and Ken wore on.

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