The Police Constable called at 1 Coronation Street on Christmas Day 1988 to return Deirdre Barlow's handbag, recovered from Brian Roscoe's flat at Turner House in a police search. Deirdre had escaped from the flat at 4.00am that morning, having been held prisoner there by Roscoe since the previous evening when she went there to deliver presents to his two daughters. Roscoe had been acting out of desperation when Deirdre's failure to have his family re-housed before Christmas had resulted in his wife Angie leaving him and taking the kids with her. Despite her ordeal, Deirdre remained sympathetic towards Roscoe as he hadn't harmed her, however Ken was insistent that the police find him and put him away. The PC then saw himself out, wishing the Barlows all the best for Christmas, adding that with any luck he'd make his family's celebrations in two hours' time.

Actor Mark Jordon was credited as "Mark Jordan" in his sole appearance as the unnamed police constable. Jordon later returned to the programme playing two named PC's, PC Wilson and P.C. Betts. It is possible that these were all intended to be the same character.