Police constable 3018
Police Constable
Occupation Policeman
First appearance 15th January 1990
Number of appearances 1
Played by Patrick Bridgman

The Police Constable began his duties at Weatherfield Police Station in January 1990. On his first week, he took a statement from Don Brennan when the police interrupted a fracas between Don and Joe Egerton which had resulted in Joe receiving a blow to the head (an injury not directly caused by Don). Having cornered Joe in order to force him to confess to stealing his cab and hitting a cyclist, Don didn't realise at first that he was facing charges, as he was concentrating on proving to the police that he wasn't behind the wheel when the hit-and-run had occurred.

As Don had spent the evening laying in wait at the Brierley Garden Estate for Joe, he'd been reported for kerb crawling and a prostitute was brought in to identify him. Before questioning Don, the PC received a pep talk from the station sergeant, who advised him that if he remained friendly, Don would likely admit to assault and actual bodily.

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