Police Constable (Episode 5937)
Police Constable
Occupation Police Constable
First appearance 10th January 2005
Number of appearances 1
Played by Phil Atkinson

The Police Constable was dispatched to Roy's Rolls in January 2005 to take a statement from proprietor Roy Cropper after he'd made a complaint against a customer who was "blatantly refusing to adhere to clearly defined establishment rules".

Over the course of a couple of weeks, Roy was being frequently tormented by builder's labourer Vince and, upon reaching breaking point, decided to seek help from the police. The Constable arrived at the café to take a statement but found that Roy's list of complaints against the unruly customer could only be defined as minor misdemeanours. Although the Constable was loathe to take the matter further, he reluctantly agreed to speak to Vince after Roy gave a compelling speech about anarchy.

Stepping out from inside the café, Roy witnessed the two men laughing and joking outside the Builder's Yard on the other side of Victoria Street and felt humiliated when the Constable informed him that an apology from Vince would be the most appropriate course of action. Considering the matter now closed, the Constable left but things finally came to a head later in the evening when, during another round of intimidation in the café, builder Charlie Stubbs realised that Roy was in trouble and sorted out his "waste of space" employee with his fists.

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