Police Officer (Angela Murray)
Police Officer
First appearance 9th September 2007
Last appearance 7th April 2008
Number of appearances 2
Played by Angela Murray

The unnamed Police Officer has been involved in two incidents involving Coronation Street resident, David Platt:

In September 2007, she and a male colleague called round to 8 Coronation Street to inform Gail Platt that her son was at Weatherfield Police Station after being arrested in town the previous evening. The police had assumed David had been involved in a fight since he had facial injuries, but David was alleging that Gail had beaten him up and thrown him out of the house. Shocked at the lies, Gail was naturally upset and angry, with the police officer informing her that allegations of this nature had to be taken seriously and Social Services would have to be contacted. However, whilst still at the police station, David eventually told the police the truth - that he'd been beaten up by some youths and after receiving an official reprimand for wasting police time, he was brought back home by the two officers.

The police officer along with two male colleagues were called out when David went on a rampage in the Street in April 2008. After Gail had realised that it was in fact her son that had pushed her down the stairs in their home following a row over her involvement in his girlfriend Tina McIntyre's abortion, and with Tina now refusing to cover up for his actions, and telling him that their relationship was now over, an unhinged David went out smashing windows and assaulted Ken Barlow with a wrench. David was swiftly arrested and taken to the police station where he was detained overnight.

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