Police Officer
First appearance 21st January 2011
Last appearance 11th April 2011
Number of appearances 2
Played by Anthony Crank

The unnamed Police Officer first appeared in January 2011 alongside a colleague, carrying out a random drug search on David Platt and Gary Windass following a night out. The pair were upset at being singled out and failed to comply. It was suggested that they would be taking the pair to Weatherfield Police Station for formal questioning but as they tried to get Gary into the van, he lashed out and punched the other officer. Promptly handcuffed and arrested for assault, Gary was detained overnight in the cells.

The Police Officer appeared again in April of the same year, and escorted Liz and Steve McDonald to accompany police as Jim took hostages in a foiled robbery at the Manchester branch of Lancashire & Fyle Building Society.

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