Police officer daniel jillings
Police Officer
First appearance 1st December 2009
Last appearance 16th September 2010
Number of appearances 2
Played by Daniel Jillings

The Police Officer was involved in two incidents involving Coronation Street residents.

In December 2009, Rosie Webster made an allegation that John Stape had attacked her in Roy's Rolls. The Websters rang the police and the officer came to 5 Coronation Street and took John away. He was questioned but released and later exposed Rosie’s story in the Rovers for the fabrication that it was - she claimed assault after failing to blackmail him into giving her money.

In September 2010, Gary Windass and his friend Quinny got involved in an argument with two lads in the Rovers who insulted Izzy Armstrong. The lads were thrown out by Liz McDonald but lay in wait for the two soldiers leaving the pub. Inevitably, they came off worse and one of the two, Thomas Hughes, was taken to Weatherfield General with concussion. The officer and his colleague came to the Street asking questions and were directed to 6 Coronation Street by Liz. Gary was taken away for questioning where he denied knowledge of any incident and was eventually let go but with instruction to come back the next day.

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