Police Officer (Episode 7227)
Police Officer
Occupation Police officer
First appearance 11th December 2009
Number of appearances 1
Played by Elizabeth Arends

The unnamed Police Officer was on beat patrol with a male colleague in December 2009 when they were approached by Norris Cole who advised the officers that the ladders which Graeme Proctor had been using on his window-cleaning round were stolen, and were in fact the property of Weatherfield Council.

As Graeme continued to clean the windows above the Corner Shop, Norris claimed that Graeme had been bragging about the stolen property earlier that morning and the officer instructed him to come down the ladders and speak with her. When asked why the ladders had "Weatherfield Council" written on the side, Graeme explained that he'd brought them when they had a clear-out.

A sarcastic Norris was however sternly reprimanded when Graeme produced a receipt for the property with the officer reminding him of the penalties for making false accusations and the seriousness of wasting police time.

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