Police 8465
Police Officer
First appearance 7th September 2014
Number of appearances 1
Played by John Gully

The unnamed Police Officer stopped Rob Donovan's car for having a faulty brake light one day in September 2014. Rob, accompanied by Ken Barlow was in a controlled panic as he had only a short time before stored in the boot the iron bar that he has used to kill Tina McIntyre some two months before. Under a great deal of strain, he made abusive comments to the officer about him bothering them instead of real criminals but the officer had checked Rob's records and made a pointed comment that nothing was more real than armed robbery (an offence for which Rob had served time in prison).

Ken explained that they were on their way to visit a seriously-ill Peter Barlow in hospital. The officer offered his sympathies gave Rob official notice to have the light fixed in fourteen days and left the two men alone.

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