The unnamed Police Officer investigated a van driven by Tony Stewart with Tracy Barlow as passenger one night in February 2015 when he saw them arguing by a roadside in Rochdale and Tony manhandling Tracy into the van. The two had been to a lock-up to buy some dodgy electrical equipment for cash from a friend of Tony's called Chrissy. Tracy had tried to pull off some hard tactics in negotiating the deal and had gone ballistic with Tony when he paid Chrissy extra in cash, undermining her stance. She stalked off and Tony followed her in the van.

Tracy understood the trouble they were in when the officer approached them as one look in the back of the van, packed with stolen goods, would have led to some awkward questions. Tracy went into a story of the argument between them being caused by her finding a message on his mobile from his "other woman", Liz, who she happily described as someone you would see if you looked up the word "tart" in a dictionary. The officer suggested the two have counselling saying it had worked for his own marriage and accepted Tony's story that his building gear was in the back of the van. He checked Tony's licence while Tracy enjoyed making further insulting comments about Liz and coming on subtly to the officer who she described as putty in her hands. Seeing nothing obviously wrong, the officer sent them on their way.