Police 8591
Police Officer
First appearance 6th March 2015
Number of appearances 1
Played by Chloe Massey

The unnamed Police Officer investigated when Andy Carver was the supposed victim of a street mugging in March 2015 when the takings of £2,476 from Nick's Bistro were taken from him and he was badly roughed up. In reality, Andy had taken the money himself to hand over to Gavin Rodwell, whose identity he had stolen and who was blackmailing him as a result. Andy's girlfriend, Steph Britton, was in on the scam as the two were desperate to stop Gavin telling his hated birth-father, Michael Rodwell, that the long-lost son he thought he had re-established a relationship with was nothing of the sort and possibly triggering a potentially-fatal heart condition. Steph "assisted" with the scam by punching Andy in the eye, though he knew nothing of the coming swipe and she hurt her hand in the process. The officer interviewed Andy and bistro owner Nick Tilsley and promised to be in touch after looking through any potential CCTV footage.

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