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Police officer 7419
Police Officer
Occupation Police Officer
First appearance 6th September 2010
Last appearance 22nd April 2011
Number of appearances 3
Played by Stephen Hoyle

The Police Officer came into contact with Tyrone Dobbs when Molly went into labour with Jack in September 2010. Out on a breakdown call, Tyrone rushed home only to find himself stuck in a one-way road where a van driver was unloading goods for a cattery. A frantic Tyrone tried to explain the situation to the driver but he took an extremely awkward view and refused to move the van before he had finished his delivery. Tyrone even started to reluctantly help him with his boxes before a rather slapstick fight ensued between the two men. Tyrone was about the drive off the blocking van but the driver distracted him by throwing the breakdown truck’s keys into the bushes of a neighbouring garden and driving off himself while Tyrone tried to retrieve them. A queue of horning-blasting cars built up as Tyrone tried another tack of using his old skills to hotwire the truck. A police car appeared with two officers. One of them did a check on the vehicle details and then started to listen to Tyrone’s garbled story as to why he was in such a rush. They believed the tale and, siren on, rush him home where he was just in time to witness the birth of his son.

The following year, the policeman, together with a colleague, conducted door-to-door enquires after Tracy Barlow had been found unconscious and with head wounds in the backyard of 1 Coronation Street. He also questioned John Stape in April about counterfeit notes.

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