PC Tyms had several dealings with Coronation Street residents.

In September 2012, he dealt with a case where Ryan Connor stole keys to Underworld from Michelle Connor and attempted to steal cash from the factory. As Rob Donovan went to open up, he discovered the door was open and realised someone was inside. Rob hit the intruder over the head, although when he saw it was Ryan he promptly phoned for an ambulance. The officer arrived at Weatherfield General and took Rob to the Police Station to question him over the break-in. Michelle found out that Ryan had the factory keys and realised he was lying. Ryan returned to the station change his statement, where Rob was released and Ryan was fined for wasting police time.

In February 2015, he dealt with a suspicious package that Callum Logan had given to David Platt to look after. Sally Webster witnessed the package being forced upon David outside Audrey's. Later that day, Gail McIntyre decided to call Callum's bluff and Gail went with Sally to the police station to hand in the package. After being interviewed, Tyms opened the box and revealed that it was empty.

In June of the same year, Tyms and his colleague turned up at 13 Coronation Street to question Kevin Webster when his girlfriend Jenny Bradley kidnapped his son Jack. The police had put an all-points warning to prevent the pair leaving the country but they revealed that Jenny's son Tom Midgeley had died after drowning in a paddling pool in April 2013, although the incident had been ruled to be an accidental death at the inquest. They stressed that this meant that Jack wasn't in danger and promised to be in touch when there was any further news. In the event, Jenny herself gave her location in Hull away when she rang Rita Tanner in a distressed state and the boy was rescued.

Ten months later in April 2016, Tyms arrived in Victoria Street with PC Woodruff after a tip-off from Sharif Nazir that an acquaintance of Gary Windass named Dane Everton was dealing steroids within V Court Fitness. After meeting Gary outside the premises, Sharif witnessed a deal between the pair and moments later, the police car pulled up. Gary and Dane were ushered back inside the gym where a physical search was conducted, and although Dane was found to have nothing on him and allowed to go, Gary was caught with a quarter of cannabis and arrested for possession. While undergoing questioning, Izzy Armstrong also arrived at the police station to make a statement that the cannabis found on Gary was actually for her - as a form of pain relief, however her actions only made matters worse as Gary was subsequently released and charged with supplying drugs.

In February 2017, he and another officer called at 5 Coronation Street after receiving a phone call to say that "Darryl" had been murdered. Upon arrival, they discovered that the caller was young Liam Connor Jr. and the victim was Darryl, the pet rat of Craig Tinker which had died after Liam had let it out of its cage. The youngster explained that he wanted to be arrested to get into prison to visit his mother Maria who had been jailed two months prior.

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The character was credited as "Police Officer" until he was named in Episode 9231 (16th August 2017).

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