The unnamed Police Search Advisor within the Lancashire Constabulary was drafted in to coordinate the search for six-year-old Simon Barlow, who went missing in March 2010. Under the temporary custody of maternal grandfather George Wilson and his wife Eve, the couple had taken the child to Blackpool for a few days and, upon overhearing George explaining that they wouldn't be returning to Weatherfield, Simon managed to slip away from them unnoticed.

As she explained to a panicked George and Eve that officers were conducting door-to-door inquiries and checking with local hospitals, buses and taxi companies, George's offer of a £10,000 was deemed to be made too early within the search. Horrified at the thought that Simon could be cold, frightened and outside on his own all night, the advisor reassured the pair that children were usually more resourceful than given credit for.

With Ken and Deirdre Barlow also following on to join in with the search, the advisor then went on to show the group copies of the flyer that had been printed up on the pretext of locating Simon imminently.