Police sergeant james masters
Police Sergeant
Occupation Police officer
First appearance 17th June 1991
Last appearance 1st February 1993
Number of appearances 5
Played by James Masters

This Police Sergeant was dispatched to Coronation Street when Ivy Brennan reported her husband Don missing in June 1991. Don had disappeared during a fishing trip with Alf Roberts and Jim McDonald who found his cap floating in the water, leading Ivy to fear that he'd drowned. While the sergeant was at 5 Coronation Street, Don suddenly arrived home, safe and sound. As he made to leave, the sergeant suggested that the men rope themselves together next time.

In July, he broke the news to Alec Gilroy that his daughter and son-in-law, Sandra and Tim Arden, had been killed in a car crash on their way to attend Alec's ex-wife's funeral in Whitby. The sergeant informed Alec and Bet that the accident had occurred in a well-known accident spot and that the Ardens wouldn't have suffered.

The Police Sergeant appeared again in October 1991, after a call had been made from Derek Wilton complaining about Kevin Webster servicing cars out on the street. Kevin was told to set up business somewhere else.

On Christmas Day that year he detained Reg Holdsworth after witnessing him taking a box of food from a closed Bettabuy in Albert Road. Reg had no ID on him to prove that he was the supermarket's manager and the keys he used to access the building belonged to Curly Watts. At the station, the sergeant called Curly asking for a description of Reg. Amused by his boss's predicament, Curly told him that he was short, fat, balding, had a face like a cabbage patch doll and wore too much aftershave. The sergeant was satisfied that he had the right man in custody and released Reg.

In February 1993 the Sergeant attended a "disturbance" on Coronation Street when, following the introduction of a new one-way system in Weatherfield, complaints to Councillor Alf Roberts had fallen on deaf ears. In protest, an enraged Sally Webster got into Alf's car, parked it across the Street and posted the keys in the postbox, resulting in all traffic being blocked. When the police arrived, Percy Sugden was escorted from the scene and Alf grappled with the officers to prevent them smashing his car window. Alf was arrested for obstruction but was swiftly released from police custody with a caution.

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