Police Surgeon (Episode 7137)
Police Surgeon
Occupation Police Surgeon
First appearance 7th August 2009
Number of appearances 1
Played by David Beckford

The Police Surgeon carried out an examination on Joe McIntyre following his arrest for burglary at Rosamund Street Medical Centre in August 2009. Addicted to prescription drugs, Joe went beserk in search for his next fix.

Checking Joe's eyes and observing that his pupils were no longer fixed and dilated, the surgeon explained that officers would need to speak to him about the incident whilst he was feeling a bit better, however it was likely that he would need to administer more dihydrocodine - a drug being given to curb his withdrawal symptoms.

Talking candidly about how he came to be in the "mess" he was in, the surgeon packed up his medical case, telling Joe that it would be best to save his explanations for the interview room and advised that he'd check up on Joe again later.

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