Policeman (Episode 7148)
Occupation Police officer
First appearance 24th August 2009
Number of appearances 1
Played by Liam Tobin

Following a vicious assault on David Platt in August 2009, the unnamed Policeman turned up at 11 Coronation Street the next morning to arrest Jason Grimshaw on suspicion of assault. The attacker had been wearing a hooded top and, firstly pointing the blame at Joe McIntyre, David had made the complaint against Jason - who was now in a relationship with his ex-girlfriend Tina.

As Jason protested his innocence, Tina saw the police officer with Jason and his mother Eileen on the doorstep, ran across the Street and insisted that Jason had been with her for the whole evening. Their claims were ignored and Jason was driven off to Weatherfield Police Station for questioning but was subsequently released due to lack of evidence.

It transpired that Gary Windass - having recently been released from Highfield Prison - orchestrated the attack and had arranged for David to be beaten up.

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