Policeman gas leak
Occupation Police Officer
First appearance 27th January 1961
Last appearance 1st February 1961
Number of appearances 2
Played by Jack Cunningham

An easygoing Police Officer who had occasion to visit the Street in January and February 1961. On the first occasion, Elsie Tanner had been robbed when Florrie Lindley had inadvertently given the key to No. 11 to a Thief, thinking that he was a Television Man come to bring a repaired set back. Just hours after investigating this matter, a nearby gas main exploded and caught fire leading to local residents being evacuated. While the residents of Mawdsley Street were told to go to St. Mary's Church, the residents of Coronation Street were ordered to the Glad Tidings Mission Hall. It was up to him to persuade Ena Sharples, the sole permanent resident of the Mission, to co-operate. Ena objected to everybody staying the night even though the Committee in charge of the Mission had already agreed to it. When the all-clear was given at dawn, the Officer woke everybody up to tell them, and particularly delighted in waking Ena up even though there was no need. Ena responded by slamming the vestry door in his face.